I enjoy directing &/or editing short documentaries.

2019 – 605 Adults 304 Children

2018 – Rhapsody In Black

I also edit music videos and videos for live performances. Below are some examples.

OK Go – Live projections for Tour

Just Friends – Supersonic

Luna – Fire In Cairo

The New Year – The Last Fall

Finally I edit doc style branded content. Below are some examples.

Riot Games – Love & LeagueFor The Win: Rick & Kyle FoxFamileague

InVision – Transformation By Design (2022)

Yale – Josef Albers “Interaction of Color App”

Toyota – Mobility Challenge,  Mobility Foundation

Timex – Go Takamine, Daniel Scatizzi, Nick Waterhouse

AirBnB – Experiences

Siemens – Humanly Possible

Logitech – Craft